The school offer the facility of an Enrichment Resources centre which acts as support system to the classroom teaching enabling children to cope better with their surrounding. Also facility of IEP’s (Individual Education Programme) is provided for the children besides academically.

The school has a vast playground where students practice cricket, football, volleyball, badminton & basket ball. There is a separate court for table tennis.

Art & Craft
The school has a well maintained Art & Craft room where students learn drawing, painting as well as various handicrafts

Music & Dance Room
Children are taught folk, light and classical music along with instruments such as sitar, harmonium, bongo etc. Children are taught to appreciate music and dance by a team of dedicated and talented teachers of melody and rhythm. The fundamentals of various dance forms are also taught to students who have a passion towards dancing by Indian & Western dance teachers.

Well Stocked Library
Self study and reading are important skills towards developing the habit of life-long learning which is an indispensable tool for future careers. For this purpose a well equipped and stocked library with different types of books, magazines, periodicals, and newspapers is available. Every child is inspired and encouraged to go to the library during library periods as well as in free time. A qualified librarian is appointed to maintain the library.

Academic Facilities

  • We have competent and experienced faculty and dynamic leadership.
  • Through project work, practicals, and group discussions, we make our classrooms the hub of activities.
  • A comprehensive soft skills and personality development programme aims at instilling strong character & responsibility.
  • To improve concentration and memory we provide sessions of ABACUS and VEDIC MATHS to the students.
  • CALLIGRAPHY classes for better handwriting.

Computer Labs
The schools have well equipped and separate computer labs for primary, secondary and senior secondary classes. Desktops with latest configuration and internet access for project work is available to the students.

Science Labs
Our schools have separate physics, chemistry, biology and maths labs. All the labs have Ultra-modern facilities and over 100 fabricated working & statics models to teach basic concepts and inculate scientific temper.

The school library houses over 2500 books cateringg to ages 4 to 15. These include fiction and non-fiction books, comics, student’s magazines, subject books, encyclopedias and autobiographies. e-library facility is also available.